4 Ws

Who is this?

Hi, I’m Lynn Taylor.


I’m the father of four boys who are wonderful more often than they aren’t.

I’m the husband of one wife who is wonderful all the time.

A Christian who (as best I can) lives the faith of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  (Yup, I’m aMormon.)

A meandering conservative/libertarian that is rarely, if ever, dogmatic.

My music tastes are fairly broad.  I like a little bit of just about everything, but everything of just a little bit.

I like to read philosophy and other things that make me think.  Especially things that make me think new thoughts.

If you want specifics, you can dig into the Faves page.

Anyway, welcome to my blog.

What is this?

This is my blog.

It’s about life.  That means I discuss whatever strikes my fancy.  Religion, politics, family, lunar cycles.

I update it occasionally.

When is this updated?

Right now I update this irregularly.

We’ll see how things develop.


Why did you start a blog?

“You don’t write bec1ause you want to say something,
you write because you have something to say.”
~F. Scott Fitzgerald

I have a few things to say.  This seemed as good a way as any to do that.  :-)

Why LynnSense?
I had a few options, most of them using some variation of my name (and my top choice: LynnTaylor.com, was taken).

I love words and word combinations with multiple layers of meaning.  They intrigue me, make me think, and spark my imagination.  LynnSense is one such word combination with several layers of meaning.  I’ll leave it to you to parse them all out.

I must admit, I struggled a little with the name.  It felt a little self-aggrandizing.  But then I figured “what the heck.  It’s my blog.  I might as well indulge a little.”  Plus, I needed something that would inspire and encourage me to write.

The name reminds me what my purpose is in writing all of this in the first place.  I found that there are many things that have worked well for me that I like to share with other people.  This is a way to share them more broadly, and a way to keep everything in one place so I can simply refer people to it instead of creating things fresh every time.

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