Goals – 2015 Edition

The passage from one year into another is an artificial construct, though it does help keep things organized, sequenced, and cataloged.

So, 2014 wasn’t a great year for me.  As far as goals go, it was actually quite abysmal.  On the upside, I learned a few lesson and have applied them to my goals for 2015.  I was careful to set goals that will help to strengthen areas I have let myself get weak in, but that are also very achievable.  Much like someone going through rehab after an accident or injury, I’m balancing the need to push myself with the risk of overdoing it.

This year, I set goals that address three core elements of my being: spiritual, mental, and physical.  I have set three goals for each area, plus a 10th goal related to building a business I have been working on with my family.

In addition, a wise man I had the honor of knowing (he has since passed on) shared that what he did every year.  In addition to setting ten goals, he sets five intentions.  While goals are what he wants to achieve, intentions are who he wants to be.  Following in his footsteps, I set five intentions, too.

So, here are my intentions and goals for 2015…

INTENTIONS – Who I Want to Be
Relentless in My Business
Organized and Productive
Responsive to Donna and the Boys
Healthy & Strong
Good Night’s Sleep
GOALS – What I Want
All Spiritual daily goals
Temple 12 times
14 intentional & meaningful fasts
All Mental daily goals
Read 12 books (6 for fun, 6 for development)
Have a 20 minute conversation in Spanish
All Physical daily goals
Score 200 on the Army Physical Fitness Test
Complete annual check-up
Business revenue $5,000 per month

 You’ll notice that each aspect that I’m working on references daily goals.  I have also set a list of things I want to do every day.  These are my daily goals, and they are also broken down into three items for each of the three categories (spiritual, mental, physical).  That makes 9 total things that I do every day, plus a 10th, which is to review all of this stuff every day. 

DAILY GOALS – Consistent growth, step by step
S Scriptures
S Meditation
S Journal
M Think
M Read a Book
M Write 30 minutes
P Exercise
P Eat Well
P Sleep Well

 I have a bit of a confession… I don’t expect I’ll hit 100% of my daily goals.  In fact, I’ve already fallen short of that with many of them.  I knew that was going to happen when I set them.  When I started the year, I told myself that I’ll be happy with 80%, and ecstatic with 90%.  The truth, though, is that even if I stopped today, 2015 is already better than last year in many areas.  So, it’s already a win!

 I’ll provide periodic updates on how well I’m doing.

Goals are more fun in a group.  What are your goals for 2015?