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This is how I did my mirrored gold visor:

  1. Face shield from Harbor Freight (about $4).
  2. Gold window tint from Colored Films. Sample sheets are $2. (The exact one I used is called “Gold / Silver”. I was worried about how gold it would be with “silver” in the name, but it’s really mirrored gold.)
  3. Window tint installation tools (squirt bottle with soap solution, squeegee). Take a look at the various links available at the Solar Graphics Installation Instructions page.

Now, I figured out the best way to do this by doing everything in the wrong order. So, this is the best way to do it…

  1. Create a visor template with cardboard.
  2. Trace the template pattern on your visor material. (I used a Sharpie.) Cut just inside the line. Check the fit in your helmet. Make sure that the bottom edge isn’t too long or it will snag on things when you set your helmet down.
  3. Using your cut visor, trace the pattern on your window tint. Cut just inside the line. EXCEPTION: Where the edge of your tint will be visible (usually along the bottom edge of your T-visor), you want to make sure that part lines up perfectly. Everywhere else, you can have the tint be short of the edge of your visor.
  4. Make sure that your tint will line up just right once it’s installed. Note that the sample sheet of film may not be big enough to cover the entire visor. I cut off a spare corner and made sure it fit on one edge, bumped right up against the larger piece. It’s not noticeable at all from the outside.
  5. Now is when things get tricky. Your face shield won’t want to retain the curve of your helmet on its own. I used a single strip of masking tape to keep the bend by taping the left and right edges of the top of the “T”. Test the fit in your helmet to make sure the curve is good and that it will fit well. You don’t want it bending at all after you install your tint, otherwise it will bubble or warp.
  6. Install the window tint on your visor. See the instruction on the ColoredFilms website. You’ll install the tint on the inside of the visor, so the curve will work in your favor here.
  7. Make sure your installation is good, with no bubbles or warping. If so, now is the time to fix that.
  8. Let it sit for at least 24 hours to dry and cure.
  9. Carefully install your visor. I used a hot glue gun. Start at the bottom, work your way up the sides, then do across the top. That will hold the visor in place. Very carefully remove the masking tape, then glue the left and right edges.
  10. As I used my helmet, I noticed that the bottom edge tended to get rubbed, and the tinting started to peel off a little. I used a small line of super glue along the bottom edge to cover the edge and secure it in place. I haven’t had any problems since.

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