WIP – Soft Parts

17 May 2016
Added more weathering to the legs.
Right Leg
Right Leg
Left Leg
Left Leg
Back of Legs
Back of Legs


5 May 2016
Ammo Pouches: Done!
Ammo Pouches


As of 5 April 2016
Spats are done!

Spats Complete

As of 4 Feb 2016
Flight Suit

My grays arrived today. I’m not sure how well they’ll work.

Flight Suit 2

Flight Suit 3

Flight Suit 1

I made a black flak vest to replace the gray one.
Now I’m working on a cape.

As of 15 Jan 2016

Cloak Front

Cloak Back

Cloak Left

Cloak Right

Flak Vest

– Shoulders and neck are sewn/hemmed already
– Arms and bottom edge have not been hemmed
– Sides are pinned, not sewn
– Sides are connected with a hidden sport zipper (if you see zipper near the armpits, they have not yet been cut to length)

As of 12 Dec 2015

Flak Front 12-12
Flak Back 12-12
Flak Right 12-12
Flak Left 12-12

As of 9 Dec 2015

Flak Vest Front
Flak Vest Right
Flak Vest Back

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